"Last month (September 2007) I entered the Tiger Bill (www.TigerBill.com) drawing for one of these beautiful instruments. Low and behold, for the first time anywhere in my life I won. I've had it up for two weeks now and am still truly in love with this little beauty.

It mounts well on a drum kit, straight stand or boom over or under, and hangs only about 12 inches down, NOT to the floor. Also it takes up about as much width as a 15 inch crash. These cymbals are made absolutely beautifully from a hand hammered B20 lathed cymbal and are tooled exquisitely. However, the fact that they look beautiful is only the start.

My description of the one I have is " a smoky wind that can act as a summer breeze and then hit with the power of Thor's hammer like a force ten hurricane." Also, they can't bottom out the sound with hard hitting and work beautifully with mallets or brushes as well.

Serpents are a truly new and ingenious innovation in the cymbal world. Some users have stated that their Serpent takes the place of their Chinese. They do much more than that! They encompass crash duties as well as gong duties at times. As if that wasn't enough, Steve Croteau the builder, makes sure that he knows for whom he is building the cymbal personally.

I would never be without this instrument in my set-up no matter what kind of music I am playing in the future. I can't think of any style of music on the planet that this instrument would not enhance. Any one who doesn't have one of these in either the 15 or 17 inch size is missing something very special. My suggestion to everyone is to go to the web site and read up on these cymbals. They are unique and special.

The really nice thing about it is that unlike normal cymbals it doesn't smash in from the top of the sound. It flows in. And when it's there it provides a sort of platform for anything else you want to put underneath or on top of that sound. Serpents are the kings of flowing white noise, and they swell. The sound radiates out like waves after a stone has been dropped in a pool."