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Sidewinder 15

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NAMM 2008


"From a Grass snakes sliver to a Cobra strike, these cymbals whisper or roar as required.  They are an important addition to any serious musicians sound library, and like their creator, are unique, visionary, revolutionary, and original." - Robin Payne, UK

"I love my Serpent! I use it in Rock, Country, Pop and Gospel. It sounds awesome in places where a Chinese cymbal would be too harsh. And mallet rolls are amazing!" - Mikeee McGill, USA

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Sidewinder 17

Serpent uses ONLY hand hammered and lathed B20 bronze.  

Serpent is the original 'spiral' cymbal that delivers an
unequaled voice in the world of exotic percussion.

Over twenty years in the making,
this is the sound you've been searching for.  

Nothing else comes close!

Sidewinder 15
Perfect for Hand Percussionists
  • Explosive
  • Splashy
  • Washy
  • Trashy

Serpent Applications:
  • Drum Set
  • Hand Percussion
  • Drum Corps
  • Symphony
  • Percussion Ensemble

"The best way for me to describe it (SW-17) to you is that it is a smoky wind that can whisper like a Summer breeze and roar like a force ten Hurricane.  It can also hit like Thor's hammer and will never bottom out no matter how hard you nail it." - Roger Strange, Canada

I believe the Serpent cymbal stands alone. - Bleu Ocean, USA

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